Monday, April 16, 2018



Comfortable in the masks we wear - we live our lives, not realizing these very masks can be the cause of our sorrows. – Arpita Ghosh

What is Unmasking?

It is a  simple process of understanding what mask  we are wearing. Is it based on the belief of what others think of us?  How honest and true to the  self are we?
Once we know the mask we wear – we just simply unmask and discover the authentic self.

Where have we picked these masks from?

During our growing years is when we form our belief systems about ourselves, values, principles, relationships. We may not question any of those beliefs then, since they come from sources we look up to and value. At some point in our life, those beliefs need to be re-visited. We need to ask our ourselves – Does this belief still hold true for me? Does it still hold any value in my life? If it is true – keep it. If not – it is time to debunk old belief system or simply unmask the mask of that particular belief.
During one of my workshops, a gentleman shared how being called a donkey during his childhood days led him to believe that he was good for nothing. But there was also a strong voice within that wanted to prove that he was good in whatever he did. Finally, he went on to do a thorough research on the positive qualities of a donkey. It was at that moment, it dawned on him why he was driven to bring out the positives about the donkey.
Likewise, many of us unknowingly act or say things, which come from the standpoint of the mask we wear and not from the true authentic self.
Thus, practice of Mindfulness and living life aware fully – helps us to be more authentic and true to the self.  
We understand how dangerous a mask can be. We all become what we pretend to be. – Patrick Rothfuss

The mask becomes our second skin. Peeling it off will hurt but will also bring a feeling of lightness and freedom.
The interactions with others will surely make them say – “A very genuine person” It is okay to be our self, to be comfortable in our own skin, to accept our self in totality for who we are and what we are.
Just once, look into the mirror without the mask you wear. Fall in love with your reflection. The world around will fall in love with you like wise.

Unmask the Mask – feel free, NOT burdened with the weight of your mask.
Peel the Mask. Acknowledge your feelings. Express yourself